Wednesday, January 24, 2007


There have been lost of fun things done with cats lately like Action Cats and Laser Cats 1 and 2. Personally I like beating cats with a tire iron.

Here's one that came from an unlikely source. It's a website called Here you'll find a plethora of nauseating images depicting cats with various objects on or above them. Great if you like cats.

There's few things I hate more than cats. To start, I'm allergic to them. Also, they are cold unfeeling morons that do little for society beyond the spreading of disease.

Maybe that's a little harsh. Cats probably have some good attributes. They seem pretty tolerant to people putting stuff on them.

But come on.

Who wants an animal that craps in a box in the corner of the laundry room?

Carzy people, that's who.

Everybody's known the crazy cat lady (get the action figure here)

Have you ever heard of the crazy dog guy?


I say, if you can't use the can, take it outside.

And if if you have a cat, don't come near me when I'm fixing a flat.

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