Thursday, June 29, 2006

Are your balls big enough?

Are you ready for a new extreme sport? Yeah Right! You could never be ready for an extreme sport this…well…extreme. This sport is so bad-ass it makes sky diving, skateboarding and mountain climbing seem as exciting and dangerous as balloon sculpting. If you're one of those "down for whatever," "living on the edge," kind of guys, you need to try out this psycho-crazy sport. But do you have big enough balls for "Extreme Hammocking?"

This guy's pulling off a tight "crounched-eagle-backflip."

Here's a classic "Lazybones" over the clinic stairs. He's definitely trespassing!

Here comes Johnny Law! Better bolt dude!

If you're thinking about trying out your wicked skills, don't try this! This guy's a pro. He's attempting one of the hardest tricks known only as "Bloody Rails."

Can you say AIR? This guy's tearing up the streets. Have you ever seen a skateboarder do any trick with 35 ft of air?

This Bro is totally wreck'in the bridge with an "Inverted Sleepy Camper!"

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