Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jenny Jones in the 14th century

I'm not really sure what this means. I can only assume that this settler was caught fornicating with a porpoise, which of curse negated their prenuptial agreement.

I always thought that Mermaids would be a little more generous and forgiving than human kind, but I guess the woman comes out in all forms of man-like creatures.

It also appears that rather than showing up with her new boyfriend (his brother) and piling her half of their marital assets in the back of his Ford Bronco, she opted to enchant them and have them merrily follow her to the Sea Condo.

How civil of her.

Those probably aren't his kids anyway.


Baron von Excellent said...

Stinkin' mermaids... next thing you know they'll demand the right to vote.

Brett said...

Mermaids actually were granted suffrage in 1563, only to lose it again in 1614 when they were all banished from land for spawning in public.