Friday, December 15, 2006

Baked apple

What happened to Apple's quality standards? According to this ad from 1982, an Apple ][ owner form Lynn / Ohio Corporation (Has anybody aver heard of Lynn / Ohio before, or know why it would be beneficial to mention their name in an ad?) took one of the company computers home for the holidays.

I'm sure it filled the back of his Plymouth Reliant, no doubt, but either way, while he was out eating turkey his cat picked a fight with the lamp and ended up starting a fire that melted his television set and computer together.

No word on weather the cat survived, but if it did, rest assured, he probably killed it when he realized he'd be liable for the company equipment.

With a hope and a prayer (for the cat maybe?) he took the melted circuitry to the closest computer store and suprisingly it still ran. With a new case and keyboard he was back in business, although his cubicle continued to smell of burned cat hair.

Now, I love my apple devices just as much as the next guy, but if I accidentally left my iPod in the car on a hot day it might not work ever again. There's no way my iMac would survive a lick of flame.

Maybe the price we pay for these devices to work like magic and look so darn sexy, is that they aren't quite as durable as their chubby ancestors.

Fair enough.

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